Meet the team

learn more about our people that make the magic happen

The Whole Team

(L-R, back row first): Tommy L., Jameson T., Ryan T., Austin B., John G., Justin C., Wade B.
Front row (L-R): Steve L., Kahla G., Amy H., Caroline F., Sharon H., Matt O., Shelby O.
Jon K. (kneeling)

Front of House & Management Team

(L-R): Shelby O., Kahla G., Amy H., Austin B., Matt O. (GM), Justin C. (AGM), Caroline F., Sharon H., Wade B.

Brewing & Distribution Team

(L-R): Jameson T. (Distro Mgr), Tommy L., Ryan T. (Head Brewer), John G. (Asst. Brewer), Steve L.

Ownership Team

 (L-R): Jon K., Charlie W.