If you’re hungry, you should bring a big appetite!

The focus of our award-winning brewery will ALWAYS be the beer. We take pride in striving to produce the absolute best libations for our customers. Our focus is not, and never will be, on chasing the latest trends in full-service restaurants with our beer taking a back seat. With that said, we know you might be hungry when you come into the brewery and we have you covered! We have some talented folks at GJBC who have put together an intentionally simple, absolutely delicious, scratch-made menu at very reasonable prices to satisfy your appetite. Kick back with an award-winning pint and order up some belly-pleasing handcrafted food from the GJBC family!

Please note – Weather permitting we will have a rotation of local food trucks onsite most Fridays and Saturdays at the brewery as well. Check our social media pages for the latest updates.

Feel free to call us at 317-804-9583 as well.